• Embedded Service

    Embedded solutions- with the confluence in technology, rapid optimization of electronics for the product advancement, forms the major trend in engineering development. Embedded System Services forms the backbone of the Engineering automation. Qmax Systems continuously innovates to gratify its customers on consumer electronics or industrial automation without adversely impacting the development time and cost, thereby providing highly customized products expeditiously to meet the growing demand.

    Our Capabilities

    • Support for Windows/Linux/VxWorks/QNX and BSD variants
    • Board support packages(BSP), boot code, diagnostics, device drivers
    • DSP (firmware, algorithms, signal processing, compression)
    • Kernel modification & device drivers for I/O modules, libraries, I/O managers
    • Applications Protocol stack porting, implementation and development

    Android Hardware Products

    • Mobile Phones
    • Tablets
    • Automotive
    • Consumer Electronics

    Network of devices has transformed the world into a more intelligent and interactive environment. Machine to Machine communications (M2M) covers a wide variety of protocols, domains and applications endeavors connectivity of devices, systems and services uniquely through the embedded computing systems interoperating within the internet structure. IoT emerges as the convergence of wireless technologies, MEMS and Internet with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network..


  • Product Development
  • Product Migration
  • Feature Enhancements
  • Continued Engineering
  • User Space and Kernel Space Drivers
  • Windows and Linux Operating Systems
  • Tools – C, C++, Java, html, php and asp
  • CM tools – P4V, WinCVS, Microsoft VSS and Bugzilla


  • Embedded Product Development
  • Product Migration
  • Feature Enhancements
  • Middleware Integration
  • Continued Engineering
  • Platform validation
  • BSP, BIOS, FW and Diagnostics
  • User Space and Kernel Space Drivers


Bluedyne Embedded engineering team providing services in various aspects of an industrial automation and smart home.


Smart Home


    Our organization engaged in manufacturing, supplying an extensive assortment of Medical Equipment. Our premier range finds vast application in medical colleges, nursing homes, diagnostic centers, surgical centers and hospitals. Efficient use of material & components in the manufacturing process has enabled us to fabricate our range in tandem with international quality standards and norms. Our range is acknowledged for convenient operations and durable service life.


BlueDyne Software offers top-quality PCB Design services and has achieved an outstanding reputation for first pass design success. It may be a small single sided board or large Telecom back plane we have the expertise for top quality designs.
Experienced in designing PCB's for various applications and working as subcontractors for major EMS companies. Our well defined procedure ensure high quality deliverable and can be easily tuned to adapt client's process and documentation standards.

Technology Tools
High speed Digital Cadence Allegro
Analog and Mixed Signal Mentor PADS
Ultra high density Boards Concept-HDL
Package design CST
RF Dooley



  • ASIC

    Product lifecycles today need much more than engineering expertise than ever before. Increasing functionalities for every product has driven the complexity of the design to new heights. Hence today, a single line approach to the lifecycle roadmap is just not enough. What you need is a multi-pronged approach to reach the goals of creating an optimal solution, at the lowest possible cost, and fastest time-to-market - all with minimal flaws. To master this complexity you need skilled domain experts at every stage, with the ability to break down every process into the minutest detail at multiple stages. Obviously this requires a high degree of skill in Architecture modelling, Architecture evaluation, Optimal Hardware-Software partitioning, RTL implementation and closure of functional verification. Of course, we have these skills. Our seamless team communication ensures better leveraging of knowledge from different functional groups for effective integration and much faster issues resolution. The high degree of accuracy in the processes that we offer will give you much shorter iteration cycle, much less turnaround time with a very high accuracy level, in terms of product quality. This ensures the biggest advantage you can have – much faster time to market. And as a bonus, a huge competitive edge!

  • Engineering Services

    BlueDyne Software engineering team offer services from concept-to-market for its customers with quality and cost effective solutions. Our innovative ideas helping us place our customers in the market as one of the best product companies with product reliability, high performance and low cost.
    SOS engineering team’s vast experience with various technologies carved out SOS as one of the best solutions providers in India. SOS offer services in hardware and software hence SOS is a common place for both hardware & software needs.
    SOS offers complete product development in embedded as well as in PC based product development. SOS service offering ranges from requirement analysis tofield support as a complete solution and also under take individual blocks in the product development cycle.

    • Operating System Porting
    • Board Support Packages
    • Device Drivers
    • Middleware

  • Firmware
  • Product Test
  • Circuit Design and PCB Design